Monday, June 03, 2013

new experiences

New Experience №1: on May 22 I passed the theoretical test at DMV and received a learner’s permit. Since then I’ve driven a total of maybe one hour…

New Experience №2: on May 23 I attended something called ‘commencement’ at UC Berkeley, a ritual which bestows academic titles upon graduates. After successfully surviving the peculiar ritual, my lovely colleague Dining with Dostoevsky became a Doctor of Philosophy in Slavic Languages & Literatures.

According to the apps on my phone I quit smoking on May 9. I refrained from going public with it since I love smoking – it was my most cherished hobby and the only action I ever fully devoted both body and mind to since a fateful October evening in Siberia in 2005 – and stopping was such a boring choice. Also it does not qualify as a ‘new experience’ because I have quit smoking so many times before [what like it’s hard?]. Either way, since I don’t sit outside smoking and writing [this blog, for example] in the evenings anymore I have started taking long walks. And pictures of what comes in my way.

New Experience №3: on May 26 I remembered I had forgotten to send this Mother’s Day card to my mother. I never forgot about doing things in time for [or on] Mother’s Day before so that’s an unfortunately ‘first.’

New Experience №4: on May 30 I went to the dentist together with the boyfriend. I lied and told the dentist I hadn’t had a check-up since 2008 in Russia. That seemed like a lot to her. Actually nobody’s looked seriously at my teeth since 2003 in Sweden. Well, I went ten years without a visit to the dentist and still I have no cavities. When it comes to the inside of the mouth I am genetically blessed indeed.

After a sunny day at the beach on June 1 – yeah I drove us there after we left the highway – the boyfriend and I stopped in the cute small town of Fairfax for dinner. We enjoyed good food in the absolutely wonderful atmosphere of the quaint Sorella Caffe – well worth a visit!

New Experience №5: on June 2 I went on the scary and strange adventure that is trying out wedding dresses. I’ve never worn a bridal gown before in my life. I was afraid that it was going to be a humiliating and stressful event but I was assisted by kind people [because you cannot get into a wedding dress on your own – it’s a two woman job] and I think I know more now about what I want than I did before. My goal yesterday was not to buy a dress but simply to wrap my head around what I’m going to be wearing when I walk down the aisle. For the first and the last time.

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