Tuesday, December 18, 2012

«Либо хорошо, либо ничего»

Some things cannot be told or read or taught; some things must be experienced, lived, felt. I couldn’t write myself through mourning because grief is not blog-able. During one month of blog silence, I’ve come to embrace the Latin saying – De mortuis aut bene, aut nihil [used in an abbriviated Russian translation as the title of this entry] – in all its multidimensional truth. Instead of repeating here today how strange, absurd, unreal it still is that my father is still dead, I’ll show my dear comrades a few photographs of other things that happened in the interim.

On November 18 I was baptized into the Serbian-Orthodox Church by a bishop in Saratoga, California.

The boyfriend and I hit the road for the Thanksgiving break.

In the deep woods of Mendocino we spent the weekend in a private residence with a pool on the top of a mountain. For free.

We ate breakfast along highway 1; seen in the background is the Saab we got to borrow for the weekend.

We ran along the beaches but didn’t swim in the Pacific Ocean.

An impressive collection of Emmys in the house we got to stay in.

The water in the pool was a cold as it looks!

We can’t wait to spend an entire week there when we return to California in January…

The boyfriend befriended the baby bull living on the property.

I found a swing set in the hills and rejoiced.

Then it was back to work for the final week of the fall semester…

On December 4 the boyfriend and I landed at Landvetter Airport outside Gothenburg. The boyfriend likes to write his love on surfaces.

Pepparkaksmuffins in Gothenburg.

Lussebullar on the train to Stockholm.

Memorial for my father on December 7 in Stockholm.

On December 8 the boyfriend and I celebrated our first year anniversary by going out to dinner in Gothenburg.

“When in doubt, wear pearls” – the boyfriend gave me pearl earrings and a pearl necklace in honor of our first year together.

On Monday December 10 the boyfriend flew to Saint Petersburg for a month of scholarly research. I spent one week doing my own research at Gothenburg University and there was snow. The following week the snow melted and the paper I wrote is long since submitted. Or so it feels at least.

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