Wednesday, November 07, 2012

his photographs of me

After a dinner party on Saturday evening in San Francisco we went to Treasure Island to look at the bright city lights in the night.

My new iphone did its best to function also as a camera but these pictures render it obvious that its true task is another – mainly checking FB incessantly.

On Monday morning the boyfriend found me in my office looking this ‘glittrande glad’ as Lars Norén would have said.

 Making my famous face of absorption in the Slavic library on Tuesday.

Also the same day was Election Day in the US of A.

After a trip to Orinda in the evening on Tuesday the boyfriend and I drove over the mountains back to Berkeley. We stopped on the top to contemplate our lives for an hour or so in the dark with the glowing Bay Area below us.

Here I am on Wednesday evening: the girlfriend who cooks [alternatively: knows how to use a frying pan].

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Tantbastant said...

I guess the Jameson in the kitchen is Mary´s?