Saturday, November 17, 2012

happy place

My iPhone is now a bunnyPhone.

Last Sunday I bought new sneakers in San Francisco. On Monday – a holiday because of Veteran’s Day – I walked in them to Emeryville in the afternoon.

In Emeryville I had a chai latte, listened to Petra Marklund, and did some work while I waited for the boyfriend to come pick me up.

At IKEA in Emeryville I bought a small white mouse which will be able to go with my boyfriend to Russia in December and January – something which I will be unable to do.

I named the small white mouse Mishka.

1 comment:

Annelie said...

Men vad söt din mobil kommer att bli..alldeles rosa och bunny-like..aww. :DDD Fina nya skor du köpt förresten.

Kram på dig!